• Mobile Loyalty and CRM
    Increase sales through loyalty and benefit
    programs in Mobile.
  • Intelligent Communication
    Engage customers via personalised and predictive messaging,
    rich communication formats and context targeting.
  • m-commerce and POS ready
    Drive sales through coupons, gift cards, tickets and proximity payments
    at the point of sales.
Best Loyalty Program of the Year - Food and Retail

"Best Loyalty Program
Of The Year" Food - Retail

In global "Loyalty Magazine Awards 2017" for NestléNoiazomai

“ Our success is driven by the success of our partners ”

Industries we thrive

We help marketers and sales directors increase sales through higher
customer engagement.


Design and implement successful banking omnichannel strategies through benefits and proximity payments.

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Achieve high recurring purchase rates and significantly increase customer's lifecycle value.

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Facilitate customer journey within the physical store from planning to checkout.

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Build profitable value added service models that increase retention and reduce churn.

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Insurance Development

Strengthen customer loyalty by providing value and convenience to your customers.

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Create successful CRM and couponing programs that translate into sales that move the needle.

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The new mobile payment service

One click native checkout & tokenization - no web bank pages involved.
Commission rates less than 1% and without flat fees

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Our customers journey

Build loyalty in order to engage your customers by using proximate marketing tools

initiate web search

intention to buy push

customer value through in-app
personalised message

instore walk-in push

mobile coupon push

loyalty points

proximity payment
at the EFT POS






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