The new era in omnichannel payments

basket handling

card processing

fingerprint unlock

facial unlock

one click actions

card present unlock

Desktop process

WarplyPay works seamlessly in web environments as well, implementing payment element management
across channels with a coulpe of lines of code.

Check out process

Card management

Secret input



Deep Transaction Analytics

WarplyPay comes with sophisticated analytics dashboard aggregating transaction data by location, store, customer segment and by transaction type (redemption, top up, collection)

Our pricing

WarplyPay comes in various flavors depending on the nature of your business. Microtransactions, wallet top ups
proximity payments or even e-commerce wallets are easy to customise and deploy within hours.



  • Free up to 1000 transactions per month
  • One-click integration with your bank
  • Certified and insured platform
  • Native mobile checkout
  • Web checkout support



  • All Basic program features
  • Up to 1.000 wallets or customers
  • Electronic card tonenisation
  • Mobile card present payments
  • Biometrics authorization



  • All Omnichannel program features
  • Loyalty through digital currencies
  • Digital currency exhange rates
  • Coupon checkout in ecommerce or instore
  • Flexible discounts based on master data