Marianna Matthaiou

Rich Push Notification – The new era in Mobile Marketing

In today’s mobile-first world, where mobile applications conquer people’s daily life, users have been perfectly familiarized with the concept of push notification.

Push notifications are a very important part of brands and media mobile marketing strategy, having a great effect on user engagement. Playing an important role in the communication with the users of the app, push notifications can highly contribute to:

  • keep app users updated about the latest news in real-time

  • the enhancement of the main purpose of the app. For instance, in myCityPass, the first mobile wallet for the City of Athens, enabling users to buy parking time within the app, users are informed, via push notificatio, 10 minutes before the expiration of the parking time, providing them with the ability to extend their parking time.


push notifications


Push notifications have become part of brands’ reality, using them as an extra channel to communicate with app users. The following question arises:
How can brands stand out not only from the competition but in the world of push notifications? How can they be the one who attracts users’ attention?
The answer is simple, just by using Rich Push Notifications!

Rich push notifications are the new era in Mobile Marketing, turning push messages into the major channel of communication with your customers!

One picture is worth 1000 words!

Marketers have now the chance to add rich media, such as photos, videos and GIFs, transforming push notifications into an eye-catching and impactful message! Based on researches, the use of an embedded image to your push message can lead to a 56% higher direct open rate on average, compared to the standard push notification, with no image at all! The power of picture and video give to customers the perfect incentive to interact with your app and dive deeper to learn more!

Actionable buttons

Thanks to rich push notifications, making users excited about receiving your rich push notification and motivate them to interact with that, even without entering the app is getting simply possible! How? Through action buttons!
Users are able to complete an action straight through the push message. Motivate them to share your content, facilitate them to get direction by the time they receive the message or even to buy your promotion! All functionalities of the app can be added as button to the rich push message!

So why should you use rich push notifications?

Rich push  notifications enable marketers and app owners to use rich content and action buttons, allowing them to increase user engagement through a fresh and pioneering way! The idea is to create visually appealing push messages to stand out from the competition, providing new and enhanced experiences!

Let’s make a scenario: A retailer send a rich notification to those app users who have indicated interest in (or previously purchased) a specific product. By using action buttons, such as “Add to Wish List” or “Remind Me Later”, motivate users to directly interact with the message, while at the same time, retailer gets insights about consumers’ preferences on the displayed product.

push notifications 2

Just to sum up!

Push messages become even more powerful and give even more chances to brands to interactively communicate with app users! The new enhanced formats create a mini app at the lock screen on users’ smartphone! All the capabilities of the app can be now easily included within the push notification!

The new Warply SDK, that will be launched soon, is enhanced with plethora of new functionalities, such as rich push notifications, proximity and permission marketing. Create visually appealing push notifications to engage with your app users. Integrate the new Warply SDK and transform your mobile application into the most powerful communication channel with your customers!