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Meet Warply Pay - The new mobile payment service

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Mobile is currently consuming most of our online time, surpassing desktop and TV. Almost everything aspect of our daily lives can be controlled via our mobile devices (there's an app for that mantra). In addition this particular consumer electronics device has become the most personal asset of our modern lifestyle. Lots of mega merchants are beginning to understand that the next revolution will be apps that integrate benefits and customer loyalty models, alongside the convince of proximity payments around the physical POS.

Within a very competitive industry of mobile first marketing automation platforms Warply is the only SaaS establishment that focused on direct marketing and purchases more than other soft KPIs such as engagement and customer satisfaction.

Warply Pay is the next version of mobile commerce platforms that provides one click native checkout and tokenization out of the box. Imagine how implementing a super convenience checkout process in your entire omnichannel communication strategy will increase transactions conversions. During our beta period we have witnessed increase of checkout up to 87% for m-commerce apps in food delivery, mobile parking tickets and credit card loyalty programs (!!!)




How I do one click transactions right now?

At the moment the only way to deliver mobile native payment solution (no web bank pages involved) that can facilitate tokenization for card checkout require a PCI-DSS merchant certification. Warply Pay changes radically the mobile commerce by providing one click native checkout with an SDK that can be imported within 2’ in your project. The users of your mobile app can instantly complete their transactions by paying through the app, without being redirected to a 3rd party environment. Easy and fast mobile payment process both for you and your customers!


What transactions can Warply Pay support?

Warply Pay supports all types of remittances both SEPA and credit card transactions. For card transactions in particular supports Visa, MC, AMEX, Maestro, UnionPay, AliPay and many other. It also lets anyone create their own virtual currencies in order to manage customer loyalty and benefits programs. You can use a powerful expert system that handles rules for point collection and redemption. Furthermore coupons and giftcards can also be issued, always on a single merchant scope approach. Namely someone creates a 10euro gift card for Wallmart or Target.




How can I collect and how can I redeem points?

Warply Pay implements a unique redemption/creation scope for any type of value that is imported or exported from the platform. For example, a digital currency can only be created under a rule that demands the user is geographically located in Europe and has purchased a specific product through the ecommerce channel. Redemption and creation rules can be applied by location, consumer segment, loyalty points, past transactions, social influence etc.


What about the receipt?

Warply Pay has a fully integrated receipt management system that can be extended and modified in every local country. In addition we can also integrate with existing print receipt systems facilitating loyalty point collection and integrate with ECR POS for the redemption side. Existing integrations partners are SAP and First Data.


Is Warply Pay a bank?

Warply Pay is not a bank, therefore you need to already have an acquiring bank that we have integrated with. The problem with the acquiring bank’s tokenization API is that it needs merchant PCI-DSS self-assessment certification in order to implement. Warply Pay’s PCI-DSS level 1 certification helps you setup a production card acceptance environment with tokenization and wallet functionalities in just 120’!!


What is a merchant Wallet?

Α merchant wallet is a new trend that is swapping mobile commerce recently, initially driven by Wallmart’s and Target’s mobile wallet app implementations that essentially were card non present transactions and recently moved towards EMV proximity payments tokenisation. That particular merchant mobile wallet enabled loyalty app, has the additional functionality of proximity payments at the point of sales.





How mobile is the best channel on fraud detection?

Fraud detection and auditing, by keeping track of all past transactions – successfully or not successfully completed – are key characteristics of Warply Pay, assuring the security of the transactions. Mobile payments authorisation logic takes into account additional data points of location or context, a process that enriches the fraud cognition algorithms of Warply Pay. Compliant to SEPA and e-commerce EU laws no location data associated with the transaction is collected, just during the authorization phase. Furthermore, keep in mind that this is a single merchant system, which by itself minimizes the fraud danger.


Is Warply Pay customizable?

Warply SDK is fully customizable, in many different modes. As you can view by yourself we already provide a transactions, a wallet registration and a card management activity that you can easily override.


How much time it takes to integrate?

Depending on your deployment sprints, it can take less than 2 minutes to setup and integrate the SDK and probably a couple of hours in order to go through our well documented development/production card transactions tests.


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Ok I get is now, but why Warply Pay?

Warply Pay is the first PCI-DSS mobile marketing SaaS platform that also provides a full transactional and omni channel messaging gateway. Only with Warply Pay your customers can create a giftcard or exchange 1000 loyalty points into a 5 euro coupon and send this remittance through their favorite messaging app or via a push notification via IBAN, VAT, Facebook id, MSISDN etc.


Ok good Warply Pay sounds awesome, how much will it cost?

Warply Pay comes without any charge and costs as low as your bank acquiring commission. This means commission rates less than 1% and without flat fees per transaction (!!!). Taking also the card switching functionality of Warply Pay, you can celebrate up to 50% of acquiring fees reduction, compared to other services including PayPal or Stripe.


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