Payments Keyboard

The new machine learning powered, PSD2 compliant, holistic banking solution!

P2P/P2B/Remittances/Microloans/Microinsurance through all messaging and social apps. Mobile users can transfer money, make payments, bookings, purchase insurance and loan products from within any messaging app using Warply Keyboard Payments solution. A WeChat-like mobile experience is now capable, with machine learning suggestions on bookings, ticketing and payments.

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Consumers love p2p apps, especially with the convenience of Instant Keyboard. Furthermore, the product has an intrinsic network effect build within. However, p2p is a transaction without commission, therefore other ways of monetization should be available to support your bottom line.

API Ready for 3rd party offer providers

As delivery hero, uber, foodpanda and online services

Natural Language

• Touch Views for fat fingers syndrome
• Statistical model for next word prediction
• Intent Recognition based on user text input
(eg. movies, restaurants etc.)
• Personalised suggestions based on texting patterns

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The keyboard actually acts as an extension of the mobile application.
Interaction with the keyboard happens either directly towards the bank or via
the mobile banking application, utilizing the bank's existing payment infrastructure.