Dimitris Doxaras

How Pokémon Go changes the context of mobile and customer engagement!

Augmented Reality (AR) creates a new reality in the use of smartphones! A new and innovative wave brings AR to smartphones, allowing users to interact virtually with their surroundings, only by using their mobile device! It is Snapchat the best example of AR implementation in mobile through which people have been familiarized with the term.

Now it is Pokémon Go which changed radically the future of AR, opening at the same time the way to new practices for enhancing customer engagement!

Pokémon Go, available for iOS and Android devices, launched on the 6th of July by Nintendo and then everything exploded! In less than five hours, Pokémon Go hit the U.S. Apple App store while within only few weeks it is about to overtake Twitter’s active Android users! And this is only the beginning! Numerous stories of people searching like crazy for Pokémon all over the city, have already deluged all social media in no time. 


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But it is much more than searching for Pokémon!
What the impact in the future of Marketing and Customer Engagement?

Only few weeks after its launch, several sponsorship options within Pokémon Go have been revealed! Companies are willing to pay in order to have Pokémon-related locations associated with their brand.

Incorporating emotional connection – in case of Pokémon Go the sense of nostalgia – consumer-focused service, visibility and a social element – bring people together for a common goal – are the key characteristics that drive the success of Pokémon Go.

People change their perspective for smartphones and it is revealed that they will engage with AR through their mobile if the value of doing it is clear to them! Thanks to GPS and other location-based sensors of mobile devices, AR can be easily applied and by collecting data of the users, people see the right message, at the right time and place.

Is where the plethora of opportunities for improving the customer engagement and user experience arise: brands have started explore how to use AR in order to provide customers with unique engaging experiences, similar to those of Pokémon Go.

  • Retail: Customers will be able to instantly learn specific details for products at the time they are in front of them. Just scan the smartphone over the desired product and see if there is any discount or what are the remaining sizes.

  • Travel: Just imagine that customers will be able to see the room they are about to book before booking it! Or even more, walk around a city they are thinking of visiting!

  • Banking: AR can be applied even in the banking sector! People just hold their card under their smartphone camera and they immediately see their balance, the latest transactions and many more details regarding their banking account!

The chance are just at the corner! Pokémon Go revealed that people are ready to use new technologies if they feel that it is worth using them. Companies have the chance to give to their customers a total new feeling as for their experience and interaction with the brand! Build strong emotional relationships, create sharable content and give to a familiar content a new context!