The Revolution of eCommerce Automation is here

Warply presents New eCommerce
Robotic Process Automation Platform

Warply Engage for eCommerce

A tailor-made robotic process automation platform designed to simplify day-to-day eCommerce workflows

Loyalty Rules and Workflows
Automate your customer reward and retention scheme, engaging them into advocates
Commercial Rules and Workflows
Create product bundles and recommendations in real time and deliver personalized offers or discounts
Behavioral Rules and Workflows
Use the power of marketing automation to nurture, retain and educate your customers


Design and adjust your customer's loyalty segments, add rewards based on real time actions, optimize cross and up selling. Create your loyalty strategy with just few clicks and increase customer value.

Conditions Actions


Set up your commercial policies utilizing our basket analysis tool and automatically trigger discounts and offers! Calculate against master data SKUs for retail (SAP, Navision) or eTail (woocommerce, magento, shopify)


Take action on your 1st party marketing data through machine learning and provide real time content (messaging, campaigns). Explore customers descriptive and predictive analytics to set goals and strategies.

Maximize customer experience with the power of 3 robotic process automation tools.

"Why hassle only with marketing automation, when you can have all eCommerce operations automated?"

"There are two options in digital marketing, either build your own marketing stack or work with Warply Engage for eCommerce"

"Warply Engage for eCommerce automates 80% of our day-to-day work, optimizing not only our customer retention programs but also our supplier product campaigning and listing fee calculation"

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