Building a Winning Location Based Marketing Strategy

A location-based service is piece of software, which can track your exact position. How is this utilized in the context of an omnichannel marketing strategy you might ask ? The data point of your customer’s location can be a huge advantage at a campaign optimization level over your competitors.

2017 A Year In Review [Infographic]

We are really excited to have witnessed such a remarkable growth last year.

Solid foundations, synergies and happy partners are the foundations we are building our global loyalty and payments ecosystem. Stay tuned because the regions we operate in are going to produce exponential growth within 2018!   

Main highlights are displayed in the following infographic.

7 Tips to choose your automation tool and grow your business!

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Apple launches P2P payments within iMessage, how banks should respond?

Benefits to consumers are already visible and acceptance is remarkable! P2P transactions are part of our everyday lives, facilitating our day to day micro-transactions!

Are payment keyboards the next big thing in P2P payments?

Keyboard transactions is the new trend that makes P2P transactions in all messaging and social interfaces possible!

Warply welcomes KAFKAS on board!

Warply is more than proud to welcome KAFKAS! A new era in B2B loyalty program will come soon! 

Rich Push Notification – The new era in Mobile Marketing

In today’s mobile-first world, where mobile applications conquer people’s daily life, users have been perfectly familiarized with the concept of push notification.

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6 Mobile trends for a happy 2017!

Welcome New Year with all the latest trends in Mobile Marketing in 2017! Mobile continues to be the marketer’s “it” thing, this coming year as long as it rapidly maturing, read why! 

The “merchant digital wallet” – The future in loyalty programs

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Βlack Friday: 3 Tips to Drive Sales via Mobile

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